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Turel is the OC of my commissioner from the game Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR)

I had a lot of fun with this one and pushed myself on details as I’d never really messed with higher details including lighting and glow effects and stuff, so I’m kinda proud of this one.  And I’m glad my commissioner likes it.

I really hope I get more like it.  And it reminds me that I need to finish my own character.  I started playing but haven’t due to work and etc things…..I really want to play it now.  I shall draw my OC from the game then haha!

Turel is © My Commissioner
Star Wars is © George Lucas/Lucas Arts & Disney
Artwork is by Me

If anybody is interested, I draw OCs and game characters, both tabletop and pc/console and pretty much everthing you name it btw ehehe




I’m gonna be at AWESOME CON in Washington DC this coming weekend, April 18-20!  Doin’ the artist alley thing as usual, and as usual I’ll have new stuff~~~  I’ll be at table ***B11*** in the alley — past the righthand side of the dealers section from where you enter the hall (the map is sideways).  Come see me - and rachelblier, who is tabling with me on Friday and Saturday!  And if seeing us isn’t awesome (HA) enough for you, the convention has an amaaaazing lineup of media and comic/literary guests.  Totally worth braving a drive into the city or hopping on the metro!

Goin out the door to drive to DC~~~~~~~~~~~

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